Intake Air Sensor

Steve Scalmanini sscalmanini at
Sun Mar 20 03:57:10 EST 2005

 I think there's a procedure in the Bentley to confirm a faulty sensor.  Might require checking continuity or resistance between two pins on the ECU connector.  

If you do need a new sensor, check pricing w/ the usual independant sources (SJM, Parts Connection, etc.)  The replacement part is different from the original: the harness no longer solders to the sensor connectors.  

Ukiah, CA 


Thu Mar 17 23:57:27 EST 2005 

Hey guys,
looks like my car is throwing the code for the intake air sensor.  
Is there a common fix for this, or do I really need to spend $120 to  replace 
the part.
-- Tom

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