No speedo

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Sun Mar 20 20:17:27 EST 2005

I just took the time, (of course I was forced into it) to reconnect the (5 of 
the) six bolts of the drive axle "half shafts" to the transmission flange in 
the 200 20V.

This was from the BOOM! Then No go, post a month or so ago.

I, wrenching around under the car, in the dark, in 30 degree weather at 9:30 
at night, MUST have disconnected a wire with the wrench end as now the speedo 
which worked for a 1/4 mile AFTER the shaft separated, now shows 0.  

Thanks to the NH Statey who let me go after claiming I was going 
now I can tell the speed via the tach after a day of using the radar gun to 
check it out.
Any obvious wires or things to check for?
TIA - Scott by BOSTON

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