200 Ignition Switch Replacement

Abe Berman yellowcuda at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 13:11:32 EST 2005

Patient is a 91 200tq20v

I was experiencing the classic "key not returning from start to run
position" symptom, so I purchased "PN 4A0 905 849 ignition starter
switch" from stealer and set to work last night.

Removed top of steering column cover, removed trim strip, removed
cluster.  Still can't get to switch due to large metal dash frame bar
obscuring it, although I can see it with a mirror (or in my case, a cd
I had in the car).  I then attempted to remove the knee bar for access
from below, but it seems to be hung up on the left side by the door. 
I saw the two philips head screws on the bottom of the knee bar (after
contorting my body due to tiny door opening from parking in a tight
garage space, way to think ahead on that one, DOH!@%$).  I have it
partially off, but I don't want to crack the wood strip by forcing it.
 Any ideas?

Bentley shows the earlier dash with parcel shelf instead of knee bar,
I am assuming it is pre-airbag.  I have searched the archives and come
up with some dead-end threads, although it seems Larry Leung may have
had a similar issue removing the kneebar.

Also, is there a set screw that holds the switch in (similar to s6)?

Any help is greatly appreciated as I had to borrow GF's car today to
get to work and that is not viewed kindly around the homestead.... She
may be praising the virtues of the old 4kq soon if this keeps up.

Burlington, VT

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