windshield wiper motor woes

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Thu Mar 31 01:00:30 EST 2005

> From: Emy <emanuel11 at>
> my windshield wiper motor is making some grinding
> noises. the motor moves the blades and does just fine,
> it just makes the grinding noise. definitely going to
> take it out and replace it. what also bothers me is
> that the wipers won't go back to the "home" position
> when i turn them off. could this be related to the
> motor? 
One must remove the wiper linkage assy to install a new motor anyway, do so
and you will probably find that the problem is not the motor but a linkage
or lube problem.  The home switch and the motor can also then be checked and
adjusted or repaired.


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