Accelerator Cable or Throttle Body?

Brice Warnick Brice2004 at
Wed May 4 00:15:37 EDT 2005

      Thanks for your reply.
The $56.00 accelerator cable has not arrived yet. I re-looked at the
setup in sunlight and that cable looks like it is part of that broken
square black plastic piece. 
But you are probably right.
When I get the cable I will have them send it back. 
The throttle body is 034 133 063DP.            Clair Audi quoted me
$1,200. My local VW dealer quoted me $306.00.
I told my local dealer to go ahead and order it at that price.
The bad news is that there are none to be had anywhere including
Germany. But you never know the order at $306.00 might stir one up on a
dusty shelf somewhere.
On the ETKA the dashpot is listed as part of the throttle body. 034 133
283. Could the dashpot have that broken piece? 
My next step is to get the Bosch pt. no. for the throttle body. It is a
Bosch part,right?
Your baling wire solution will most likely be mine as well.

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