PS PUmp rebuild?

Phil Rose pjrose at
Mon May 9 12:37:27 EDT 2005

At 9:46 AM -0400 5/9/05, Schaible, David wrote:
>I pulled the pump and repaired just the leak only to have one of the
>caps start leaking 2 months later.  Bentley has full details of rebuild,
>I used the blau kit and it is still holding, you probably will need an
>impact tool and super wide blade screw driver, they say modify a drag
>ling socket, I had a big beefy socket flat blade that worked w/o
>grinding.  If it is definitely just a cap I might just do that since
>disassembling the pump to get to the shaft seal is more involved.  Have

I believe (or hope) what David actually means by  "just" doing a cap 
is in fact to do _all_ of those cylinder caps--rather than also 
getting into a full rebuild which requires disassemblng the pump in 
order to replace internal o-rings and the shaft seal. I tend to agree 
with that--unless you're curious to see the innards of the PS pump ;-)

But on the other hand I hope you utterly ignore advice that says to 
fix "just the leak". It's impossible (IMO) to remove and replace any 
o-ring other than the topmost one or two without removing the PS pump 
completely. So, to go through that time and effort and then not 
replace all those (now) easily accessible o-rings just doesn't make 
good sense. Since you referred to this leak as coming from below, it 
sounds as though you will need to do the pump removal to obtain 
access. Nevertheless, you might want to do a good cleaning of the 
pump to make sure that the leak is not actually coming from one of 
the uppermost caps (which I suppose might be accessible with the 
trouble of pump removal).


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