Violent Cutoff (I mean really violent)

Ingo Rautenberg i.rautenberg at
Sat May 14 17:02:42 EDT 2005

Oh, Kneale!  Now what did I do? ;-)

Make sure the hoses are attached properly (I'll see if I can't take a pic
when I get home).  Otherwise, this is telling me you might have the
wastegate cranked down too far -- did you adjust the preload on that?  In
any case, it appears ECU sees overboost and is cutting power to the fuel
pump -- hence your violent bucking.

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> I replaced the wastegate solenoid that I thought was preventing me from
> getting more than 1.3  bar  with a used one supplied kindly by Ingo.
> Started out the driveway with an eye on the gauge and saw 1.8 just before
> the car jerked violently.  Felt like I ran into a wall.  I thought I'd
> maybe hit the rev limiter, but when I've hit that in the past, power just
> disappeared.  This felt like I hit the brakes as hard as I could.
> Here's the old solenoid with a bunch of cracks in its plastic and the
> pretty patina of corroded copper winking through:
> Ingo's solenoid was different in that the tab that's supposed to fit into
> slot in the rubber hose from the air cleaner box (see the arrow in the
> image)  is 90 degrees farther around the assembly.  In other words,
> of being 90 degrees from the electric connector, like on the one I took
> out, Ingo's is 189 degrees from the connector.  Could this indicate that
> the solenoid is not correct for this car?  Could that be causing the
> violent cutoff?
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