Strut bearing plate

Chuck Pierce cpcycle at
Mon May 16 19:01:47 EDT 2005

It is time to finish going through the front suspension.
I am going to replace the sub-frame bushings, the control arms, shocks 
and springs.
While doing this I want to correct and allow for adjustment in  camber 
when i get done putting it back together.
I do not really want to buy the 2B plates, so I am trying to do this 
I have been looking at the bentley, so i get an idea of what the parts 
look like.
Has any one here tried redrilling the bearing plates per Igor Kissel's 
drawing for the Urs 6 plates to give more adjustment for the camber?
Does  any one have a picture of the strut bearing plate (from a 200tq)?
Better yet does someone that has done the 2B camber plates have a couple 
of bearing plates they would like to get out of their garage
This way I can see what will work before I take the car apart.
Sorry to ask so many questions, I just like to know where I am going 
before I start taking the car apart.

91 200tq 20v Avant

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