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Mon May 16 21:11:19 EDT 2005

Chuck, comment interlaced below.

> From: Chuck Pierce <cpcycle at>
> It is time to finish going through the front suspension.
> I am going to replace the sub-frame bushings, the control arms, shocks
> and springs.
> While doing this I want to correct and allow for adjustment in  camber
> when i get done putting it back together.
> I do not really want to buy the 2B plates, so I am trying to do this
> cheaply.
The 2B have some technical problems which should not exist at their
outragious price.
> I have been looking at the bentley, so i get an idea of what the parts
> look like.
> Has any one here tried redrilling the bearing plates per Igor Kissel's
> drawing for the Urs 6 plates to give more adjustment for the camber?
Igor's plate mod accomplishes no more than does the easy outward slotting of
the plate's 3 mounting holes in the top if the strut tower, BTDT.  The
limiting factor with either of these mods is that it will only allow an
additional strut rod movement of about 0.2" before the upper spring perch
hits the inner wall of the tower.  Good for only <0.5 degree of + camber.
> Does  any one have a picture of the strut bearing plate (from a 200tq)?
> Better yet does someone that has done the 2B camber plates have a couple
> of bearing plates they would like to get out of their garage
Don't bother, just slot the towers, a cheap mod.
> This way I can see what will work before I take the car apart.
> Sorry to ask so many questions, I just like to know where I am going
> before I start taking the car apart.
Adding a strut brace can provide an additional 0.5d of positive camber plus
subsantional transverse stiffness improvements.  Also a cheap addition.

Not many options with the 44 chassis, but one additional mod would be to
slot the sub frame mounting holes for the lower control arm to move the arm
inward as far as possible, maybe 0.5" (no BTDT yet).  Inasmuch as the
maximum arm applied force on the sub frame is also inward this would be a
fail safe mod.

> Thanks
> Chuck
> 91 200tq 20v Avant
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