Air Temp Fan Motor Deep Pockets

Brice Warnick Brice2004 at
Tue May 17 02:24:21 EDT 2005

I went ahead  and ordered a new air temp fan motor today from Clair.
Cost was $222.01.
Part no. 4A0 820 545
I have a couple of extra non-working ones and toyed with the idea of
taking them to an electrical motor shop to see if they can be rebuilt.
Has anyone ever done that?
I could have bought the Cadiallic fan motor for $66.00 and had to solder
the different connectors.
I am terrible at soldering.
I am making good money and my time is at a premium. I just dont have the
time to screw with it.
Do I really have to take of the whole dash to do this job?
If I pull the cluster out why cant I do it from that open space?  It
seems like I could get to those 2 Phillips screws that hold the motor on
the metal bracket fairly easy. Has anyone done this before from just the
cluster opening?     

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