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Thu May 19 21:44:32 EDT 2005

Just a plug for Dave and the Old School Quattro group.  I attended last
summers event at Cumberland  which included Autocross, Rally and Picnic.
This was definately a lot of fun being my intro. to autocrossing.  The road
rally after the event was even more fun.  And the picnic afterwards at Mike
McGagh's farm and Corvette Museum is well worth it.

I have since done 2 more autocross events and have used three of my cars -
had 2 of them running at the same event at the "Pumpkin Carve" as you can
let others drive your cars as you see fit.  Nice way to get into
autocrossing and a low pressure environment.  Just don't wipe out and break
one of those airport lights like we witnessed last weekend when a Cobra got
spinning like a top!


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The second annual Old School Audi Quattro gathering will be held from August
19th to August 21st, 2005! This is an event focused on older Quattro models
up to and including the 1995.5 S6, although those driving later Audis are
welcome to attend. The event will kick off Friday the 19th with an informal
get-together in Cumberland. Saturday features an amazing airport autocross,
a fun mountain cruise, and a spectacular picnic. The event continues with
another airport autocross on Sunday for those who wish to stay for another
day of racing.

Last year's event was a complete success, featuring several 20V coupes, 5000
Avants, Ur-S cars, and 90 sedans, along with a couple newer models,
including an RS6! A quick write-up and some photos of the 2004 event can be
found here: We're
hoping to see even higher attendance this year, so we hope to see you there!
Advance registration is highly recommended, as this event is likely to fill
up. Entry forms will be accepted starting on May 20th. The entry form for
the event is found below:

Old School Quattro Gathering Entry Form:

As with last year's event, a special T-shirt has been designed to
commemorate the event. This year's shirts are really a special design, and
are printed in full color on high-quality white T-shirts. The front and back
designs of the shirt are shown on the link below.

Shirts will be $15 each, and can be made in any size you like. To purchase
shirts, please send an email to Dave Kraige with your quantity and sizing
information. The shirts will be waiting for you when you arrive at the
event! These also make great gifts for any Audi enthusiast!

This is truly a great event for any Audi enthusiast. You will meet some
great people, see some great cars, and have an absolute blast! We hope to
see you in August!

Full info and T-Shirt Design:

Questions can be directed to

Doug Macy dmacy1 at or

Dave Kraige  drk150 at]

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