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> I might have to look at that. My driver arm has always touched the hood on
> both sides (more on the outside). Hood appears to be aligned good and I 
> had it apart a few time to no avail. I have also check to make sure that 
> are on the right sides.
> Pete
 My wiper arms always touch a little.
The other day I changed myt hood and noticed there 2 types of wiper arms, 
the ones that touch and you could fold them up with hood closed,and the ones 
that dont touch and have much lower profile, but cant fold up with hood 
 So with many parts here at my friends shop
Quattrohaus.net<http://Quattrohaus.net>I found the correct ones.
Now im happier, simple fixes makes me happy.
223k mi. and going one bent connecting rod later.
Newark NJ

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