cooling fan won't shut off

Brett Dikeman brett at
Sun May 22 00:56:05 EDT 2005

On May 21, 2005, at 7:23 PM, dschaible at wrote:

> cooling fan stays on stage 1 all the time (car off), pulled  
> radiator switch connector and jumped every combo except all three  
> together--no effect
> pulled after run fan connectors--still stays on
> maybe related item--lost boost on the trip when the fan refused to  
> shut down when car was off
> mfts ??

Sounds more like a stuck stage one relay?  That's a guess.  By the  
way, the MFTS has the gauge sensor and overheat switch for the ECU  
and climate control- nothing else.  The fan is controlled by the  
thermoswitch in the radiator; it's 3 pins, one common, one is stage  
2, the other is super-duper mode.  After-run is via the thermoswitch  
next to the MFTS.  Coolant temperature for boost/timing/mixture is on  
the back of the block.  A/C climate control gets the temp for "ok,  
things have warmed up enough to turn on the blower" from the valve in- 
line with the heater core (I believe).

The fan relays are behind the knee bolster, kind of a pain to get to-  
you need to remove a bunch of screws, the "cap" on the side of the  
dash, some allen bolts, the whole 9 yards.  Bentley has full details 
(make sure you're in the right model subsection, there's even  
different ones for sedan vs wagon!)

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