[V8] Re: 200 20V 2.4 bar readings

Roger M. Woodbury rmwoodbury at downeast.net
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Oh, I never saw 5500 rpm in fourth or fifth gear.  Not enough road to do
that, and I doubt that I will try it on the Interstate.  But I have seen
5500 rpm in third, and of course in the lower gears.  I haven't tried to
watch the rpm of the engine during any of these little "experiments".  But
so far there has been no sign of tailing off of the boost.  It's raining
here this morning, but when I take it out and go over Pinkham's Flat, I
might try a fourth gear run on, and hold it just to see what I can see.


I believe that the whole car is stock aside from the ecu, but whether or not
someone did more to the intake and exhaust manifold other than leave them
be, is unknown.  Whatever the case, this is my first real experience with
the potential that lies in the 20v, 

I-5.  As a daily driver, this car "needs" nothing more than it has right
now.  I don't like the manual gear box, as this transmission suffers from
typical Audi, high-mileage notchyness, and I have never thought of the Audi
gear change as lending itself to spirited driving.  That being said, I
seldom need anything more than a casual 1-2 gear change anyway, so I plan to
be careful with this transmission.  


I did lose a shift fork pin in the gear change of my 89 200 Avant, and that
was a pretty pricey rebuild.$1800, as I recall.which was the most expensive
single repair that I made to that car in the sixty thousand miles that I had
it (from 61,000 to 120,000). I can see that happening with this car, as the
symptoms are similar, although from previous experience, I will get forty or
fifty thousand miles before this one will go, if it ever does.  (He said




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I've taken the Black Mariah this way before, and written about it here.
This time, however, I didn't "hit it" in first, second, but in third I stuck
my foot into it hard, and watched the speed and digital readout climb.  The
digital readout rolled right past 2.4 and settled at 2.5 bar.  


Fourth gear was the same:  right up to 2.5 bar and stayed there until the
upcoming left hand sweeper which is blind, caused me to drop things back to
something closer to "not automatic jail time".  

Once clear on the next straight section, I got it into fifth, and was easily
able to see 2.4 bar, but I didn't have much time to see if it would pull to
2.5 bar in fifth.  The horizon comes quickly in fifth gear, and with that
much boost.


So it seems to be very consistent.  I do not know if the digital readout is
accurate, but everything in the dash is pretty much rock steady, except for
the occasional speedometer bounce, which is not there most of the time. 

 I'd be questioning something for a big reason. I question the ability of a
K24 to maintain 2.5 bar when feeding a 20v above 5500rpm....especially if
the car is equipped with a stock downpipe and intercooler.

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