Heads up...5 Speed V8Q F/S

Andy Schor walbum at earthlink.net
Wed Nov 30 12:06:18 EST 2005

Since the Audifans Marketplace is still down, I figure I'll give everyone in 
this group the head's up.  I have a black '91 V8 5 speed that I must sell. 
It has travertine sport seats, European headlights, Stebro exhaust, UFOs, an 
audiophile stereo system featuring a top of the line remote control Alpine 
head unit/changer, MB Quart speakers, a pair of Rockford amps and a tight 
sub, I/A chip installed by Audi Connection, clear blinkers, rear window 
shade.  Includes Borbet wheels with Yoko Avid tires plus OEM BBS wheels with 
ES100s.  Not perfect there's a couple of blemishes, but very nice overall. 
It runs great and sounds awesome going through the gears.  It has almost 
160k miles, known service history (was my brother's car).  Located in 
Pittsburgh,  I can email pictures if desired.  This car is very well sorted. 
While I have really enjoyed driving it, my '91 Avant is much more suitable 
for my business and transportation needs.  $6500.

Email off list or call for more info.
Andy Schor
walbum at earthlink.net
(412) 973-8562 

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