Anyone have a used 3b chipped ecu, or 20vt eproms for a reasonable price?

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Ben, I do not know enough about these things to answer those questions so I forwarded this string to Alex at IA to see if he could provide any input. He wrote up the following and asked me to post this to the list as he isn't subscribed. 

>From Alex at IA:
The best way to describe the VMAP is as a Bosch Emulator.  It converts the value that its transducer is seeing into what the Bosch unit would normally output.  It does not "truncate" anything.  It is exceptionally well built and only after testing have we added it to our product line.

You can get more information about the VMAP here:

The VMAP, like all electronic devices, is susceptible to ESD (Electro Static Discharge).  The effects of ESD might not be obvious immediately.  In many cases ESD simply shortens the life expectancy of a given product.  I would caution anyone installing it (or any other component) to do so with the proper protective environment.

On the subject of 3 bar transducers. . . .

Several years ago Ned and I tested the 3.0 bar units with the 3B (in my 4k race car).  After six months of trying to overcome the issues of extra boost we determined that the extra power was not worth the risk, problems and extra wear and tear.  The 3B's ignition system is simply not up to the task.  In the end, we went back to the 2.5 bar transducer and arrived at what now is (basically) the IA Stage III+.

It proved to be a smart choice.  The car was run in 3 enduros (2 @ 6 hours and one 8 hour), SCCA sprint races, numerous QCUSA track days (with multiple drivers, there were days it was only shut off for fuel and lunch) and still continues to turn laps for the current owner.  All it does is run on the track and continues to do so after (literally) hundreds of hours.

Lastly. . . .

To avoid any conflict with the list rules, I don't post here (or on other list or forums), to quote:

Please note that for sale ads of any kind(parts, cars, etc) and ebay auction announcements are NOT permitted under any circumstances. Please make sure you understand the Audifans posting guidelines before you post a message to the list.

Frankly, after reading a few posts, I am a little confused.  Please clarify the lists position on Vender (or Vender's Agent) posts.

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> Does the VMAP actually contain two pressure transducers that are switched 
> independantly, or a 2.5 with a resistor Mod to fake to 3Bar or vice versa - 
> truncate the read of the 3 bar when it goes to 2.5 or 2 Bar. Ineither case, 
> I consider the VMAP to be rather pricy for what it does, but perhaps I need 
> some education on how it works specifically and don't have the full story. 
> I can get the 3 bar Motorola P.T.s, but last I checked I had to buy in a 
> quantity that required large cash outlay due to a large minimum number, when 
> all I needed was one. Maybe if there is interest, I can put something 
> together GP wise. I suspect however most of our cars are not prepped to take 
> 3Bar. 
> Ben 
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> > From what I hear they are getting pretty damn unobtainable. MTM just 
> > bought the last bunch in existence at Bosch...about 300 from what I am 
> > told. Your best bet may be the Vmap solution. Alex at Intended 
> > Acceleration just got a new batch of those in. 
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> > 
> >> Eric, 
> >> 
> >> As you recall, I helped Mihnea with his Group Purchase awhile back, but 
> >> currently offer a different chipset along with a 2.5 bar pressure 
> >> transducer and complete installation instructions. Both chipsets are 
> >> good. I am running the set I offer in both my 200Q20Vs. 
> >> 
> >> I offer this in a similar fashion as the DIY QLCC kit. 
> >> 
> >> Thanks for the good word. 
> >> 
> >> BTW anyone know a good source for 3 Bar Pressure Transducers that don't 
> >> cost an arm, leg or first born? 
> >> 
> >> Ben 
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> >> reasonable price? 
> >> 
> >> 
> >>> 
> >>> Ben Swann - You offer Mihnea's (MRC) chips, right? 
> >>> 
> >>> Eric (Satisfied customer with MRC chip & Ben Swann modified 2.5 Bar PT) 
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