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Kneale Brownson kneale at
Wed Jun 21 12:18:11 EDT 2006

It's sometimes difficult to get all the air out of the clutch hydraulics
system.  Using the front brake bleeder is a means of power bleeding the clutch
system.   When you step of the brake pedal, it pushes fluid out of the caliper
through the clutch slave, the hose and the clutch MC back into the brake fluid
reservoir.  You just need to be careful not to push the brake pedal past its
normal range of travel or you may end up damaging the seals in the brake MC. 
An Eezibleed hooked up instead of the front caliper bleeder would be even

At 11:56 AM 6/21/2006 -0400, Michele_Deltergo at wrote: 

> Just read the post on the link and not sure I got it? It seems that you
> connect the slave bleed port to the LF caliper bleed port and then open them
> both up and press brake pedal. Seems like this just has them both compete
> against each other. Why would you do this to bleed the slave? I've never had
> any problem bleeding the slave alone with the clutch pedal, though gravity
> bleed works as well. This seems a very odd approach. Intuitively seems that
> the pressure from the brake side would back up the slave side with no
> pressure of its own? What am I missing?
> Mike
> Maybe this stuff in the Audifans Knowledge Base would help:
> <>http://ww
> At 04:53 PM 6/20/2006 -0400, Max Hoepli wrote:
> >After leaving my 1986 Audi 5000 Quattro for several hours, the clutch pedal 
> >can be pulled about 5 centimeters, there is an empty play of 5 cms., if 
> >clutch pedal is pumped a few times the pedal will come more out and get 
> >firmer. I wonder if changing the brake fluid will cause pedal to stay firm 
> >all the time & stop this overplay. The clutch master & slave cylinders & 
> >hose between them are new. 
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