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Wed Mar 22 00:27:38 EST 2006

At the track some of the guys use it.
Claims go from less expansion (pressure) at speed & temp., so you can 
consistantly dial in the pressure you want in your tires for performance. Seems to 
work?  Won't know until you try it I guess.
I've seen tires go up 8 psi during laps (at temp) but combating the expansion 
of air by using nitrogen seems to go with the theory that Nitrogen expands 
less at (hot) temp increases than air...........

Google:  "nitrogen in tires" and see the other claims of less air pressure 
loss over time, save $, etc..........

-Scott by BOSTON

> From: Bernie Benz <>
> Brett,
> What?s this moisture issue to which you allude? No service station air
> supply supplies dry air. Sounds like uninformed BS to me. But then, no one
> but you have been reading my posts for some time now, so we have no
> consensus on this or any of the others. Please solve my posting problem or
> prove that it is not an Audifans problem. Has someone put a ?no post? on my
> address? 

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