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>Most commonly it's the IC. I fixed mine about a year ago --after
>doing two things. First-- was to run an extra ground wire as shown in
>the following link.
>I recently went through this "ordeal". Actually, the board fix was 
>easy, the removal of IC gave me some trouble [I needed to rotate 
>east/west and north/south simultaneously].
>I added a short [1/2"] piece of bare 22g wire to both of the suspect 
>joints [I ohmed the 2 out and the bottom joint was the only bad 
>one], in a sense adding a spine to the joint. I also jumpered the 
>joints as pictured. My pin solders were ok, but, I added solder to 
>the pins thenselves, making them a bit thicker [I carefully Dremeled 
>excess solder off], hopefully giving them better "bite" to the 
>female mate.

Yeh, I had an IC removal "ordeal", too. In my case, the lip of the 
metal (aluminum, magnesium?) dashboard shell had cut a sharp groove 
into the top edge of the IC's plastic edge, and this kept it firmly 
locked in place. In fact my IC required two people to remove it, one 
to pull strongly upward on the edge of the dashboard lip, while the 
other person rotated the IC and and pulled it out. I surmised that 
this groove probably was the damage inflicted by my pounding the top 
of the dashboard (dozens of times) to temporarily "correct" various 
intermittent electrical glitches.  Treat your Audi nicely or she'll 
bite you in the ass (or the IC). ;-)

I also added some solder to the sides of the pins to improve the 
contact they make inside the connector, but in my case that failed to 
help with the bouncing speedo. That's when I looked more closely and 
discovered that the joint at the connector base needed to be 
re-soldered.  By the time I finished drive-testing my various 
attempts to fix the speedo problem, I think I had re-installed and 
then removed the IC about 3 or 4 times.


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