Brake Upgrade for 91 200 20V

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At 03:34 PM 11/21/2006, Michael Palatas wrote:
>I recall reading about an upgrade for the G60 brakes that involved Porsche
>993TT calipers, RS2 adapter brackets, longer SS jacket hoses, and larger
>rotors.  I can't find any info on sjm or cjmiller sites, and have gotten
>tired of looking back through the audifans knowledge base.  Does anyone have
>part number info/sources for this upgrade?  I already have the 17 inch
>wheels so that shouldn't be an issue.
>Mike in Burbank
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You can do the same thing that the UrS4/6 owners have been doing.

Below is a summary from  Bob Rosatto...



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The way I see it, there are two basic big brake options centered around
the RS2 caliper mounts.

Option 1: Use the 993tt Big Reds (or 928 GTS Big Blacks) with A8L 323x30
rotors.  As I understand it this option requires 1mm to be shaved off
the RS2 mounts to perfectly center the caliper over the rotor, though I
believe some folks may have skipped this step with success.  They can
chime in on their experience.

Option B: Use the 993tt Big Reds (or 928 GTS Big Blacks) with 993tt
2-piece rotors and custom hats.  The BIRA System 6 hats will work with
this option.  This requires no modification to the caliper mounts.
Billzcat1 also made hats at one point that were designed for this
combination of calipers and rotors, but they have closed up shop.

If you go with the 928 GTS Big Blacks you'll have to swap the bleeder
lines around as they are designed to be used as a trailing mount caliper
rather than a leading mount.  Easy 5-10 minute job.

The 993tt/928GTS calipers will fit under the stock 16x7.5" S6 Avus
wheels.  The 16x8" 5-spoke wheels on the S4 and early '95 S6 will most
likely need 5mm spacers.  Most 17" wheels should be no problem, but you
should always do a trial fit before committing to the wheels, especially
if you're going aftermarket.


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