Lurker Falls Off The Wagon......Avant that is.

CLAG500 at CLAG500 at
Wed Nov 22 00:36:31 EST 2006

Hey Gents,
   Been lurking since I sold my 93 UrS4 to a fellow lister about  3 years 
ago. I had been looking at A8s and A4/A6 avants recently so one day  while 
searching "Audi Wagon" on ebay  up pops this really nice 200 20v TQA.  Then Tom from 
Indy posts that he can go check it out. He said it was nice told  me where it 
had been serviced so I could call them up. Anyhoo. I won  the auction. you 
can see a couple photos of it here:
  Rob (The lister I sold my UrS4 to) came down and drove me all the  way to 
Indy to pick it up in his other '93 UrS4. Tom had said the car stalled  off of 
boost so we had a couple extra BPVs and a roll of vacuum hose just in  case. 
Tom also came over to meet us and brought another BPV so we had a total of  3. 
We also had a 93 S4, a 200 20v sedan (Both nicely modded) and my new to  me 
Avant. I think the old lady running the lot that day thought we were a bit  odd. 
  Took the car for a drive and it didn't stall but felt down on power.  Ran 
good on the way home. (The cruise even works!) Brakes appear to be all new  
(UFOs are amazing!). Car is really clean and in incredible shape. Might take a  
little tinkering to get her up to full power though.
I replaced a few crusty vacuum lines when I got home and discovered that  the 
o-ring from the crossover to the intercooler was missing and spraying oil  
everywhere.  Car runs much better now but I've never driven a 200 20v so  it's 
hard for me to tell if it's totally healthy. Seems to have a hard time  
boosting in second after shifting from full boost in first and sometimes the  boost 
seems to come in and out. Also it will buck slightly if I try to get full  
boost at low RPMs in 4th or 5th. Any thoughts on this? Distributor and wires  look 
almost new. Has Bosch F5DPOR plugs that appear healthy. Didn't find any  
leaks when pressure testing (But my tester blew out before I got a chance to do  a 
lot of looking).
Was fun to get together with a couple of Audi nuts to pick up the car.  
Thanks to Tom and Rob for your help. Feels good to be driving a 5cyl Audi  again!!
Chad Tobin

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