major oil leak!

PeterBergin at PeterBergin at
Mon Nov 27 18:57:47 EST 2006

Chuck, you were dead right thanks! And thanks to others who helped  also.  
My leak was the sending unit with the white wire lead on it.  It was  leaking 
so bad it dumped two+ quarts in 20 minutes. It also leaked when the  motor 
was not running.  Fortunately Anderson Motor Sports keeps them in  stock (they 
claim it is a very common problem) Part was a whopping $6.66 and a  pain to 
reach to R&R.  
The comical side of all this is I also had my colons done today and managed  
to pull the unit this morning just before my exam and got the new one on the 
way  home and installed it 2 hours after. (while on the under the influence of 
the  poison they make you drink before).
So once again my Audi's oil plumbing is good and so is mine!
Thanks again. 
Back on the road again and the lifters pumped up and are dead quite  again.
Pete, 91 Avant

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