225/55-16 (was 215-55/16)

Eric Huppert ehuppert at hvc.rr.com
Thu Nov 1 18:02:02 PDT 2007


Sorry I didn't chime in sooner, but have been busier than usual (hence
unable to check posts on a regular basis!)

I have 215-55-16's on my 200 20v (stock stance) and no problems. Last winter
I bought a set of mille Miglias that had 225-55's on them. Lots of rub
issues! Realize the snow tires are constructed a bit different, so that may
have aggravated the situation. Both fronts would lightly rub on full lock,
especially if going over a speed bump or something that gave suspension
movement. Secondly, both rears rubbed in the inner fender wells over bumps
with passengers. Was able to smooth the fender well wrinkles, but still
rubbing at apx 10 o'clock pass/ 2 o'clock drivers, Believe the rims are 37


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