Idle problems

Mike Miller mikemilr at
Mon Nov 5 15:19:34 PST 2007

Doesn't one of the two engine fuses (27/28? - the double one) cause a similiar symptom?


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Have you tested or replaced the ECU temp sensor on the back of the
cylinder head?

On 11/5/07, Thomas Mesich <tmesich at> wrote:
> I am still have idle problems.  The car used to have an erratic idle or
> it would idle at 1800 RPM.  The Idle Control Valve was replaced and now
> it idles just under 1000RPM but if you accelerate gently it will bog
> down at around  1400RPM.  The garage tested and adjusted the TPS so they
> do not think that this is where the problem lies.  The other symptom is
> that when it idles it idles very rich.  There is a strong smell of gas.
> They also said that they cleaned the Mass Airflow Sensor but this might
> be the next thing to change.  Has anyone had this problem before?
> Tom
> Elk River, MN

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