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Tony Hoffman auditony at
Tue Nov 6 17:00:52 PST 2007

Here are a couple of things,

The car is 217 hp stock, the Ur's were 227.

The speedo, could be a bad speed sensor in the trans, or a bad
connection in the instrument cluster. The second is a fairly common

The inner lens is only a marker, assuming stock DOT lights. There are
no fogs from the factory. Probably from a previous owner would be my
best educated guess.

When you say always on, you mean even after opening the doors? If so,
there are several possible culprits. Does it do it with all of the
doors, or only the drivers? If so, probably a bad pin switch on that
door. If it does it all of the time, I'd look into the relay for the
system. It is supposed to keep power after the key is turned off,
until a door is opened. Then, it shuts off.

The fan should run whenever the A/C compressor is on. Try the "econ"
setting, and see if it runs then.

As for the poor hot running, that could be a multitude of things.
Perhaps something simple that may even be run across while doing the
HG. Also, I'd recommend doing the front crank seal and the TB idler.

Tony Hoffman

On Nov 6, 2007 6:34 PM, Paul DAnneo <padanneo at> wrote:

>  This car is a bit lighter than the Urs4. A bit quicker also. 250 hp, correct?
>  Just a few q's.
>  Any fix for the bouncy speedo? Seems the computer thinks the car won't go faster than 15 mph.
>  The headlights inner lens; bulb is 5 watts? Just a parking light? I've got a fog light switch, but seems no fog lights, front or rear.
>  Power seems to always be on in the interior. Windows and sunroof always powered. Abbynormal? Interior lights go out normally.
>  Also cooling fan goes on when the climate control system is going. Turn off the climate control and the cooling fan goes off. Put it on auto when the car is warming up and when the heater kicks in the cooling fan starts. Seems quirkey.
>  Good cold start, but not happy when hot. Injectors have all been rebuilt(o-ring wise).
>  Head gasket is getting done this week. Although the t-belt and w/p look great, gonna replace them. Mechanic wants to work the valves and seats.
>  I'm sure more q's'll come up, but this is all for now.
>  Thanks for any and all responces.
>  I'm a bit of a lurker, but'll pipe up when I can..
>  TIA,
>  Paul
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