Leaking fuel line

Kneale Brownson knealeski at sbcglobal.net
Thu Nov 8 17:30:20 PST 2007

I just spliced in a six-inch section of HIGH PRESSURE fuel line (I think they label it as intended for use as fuel injector supply line) a few inches ahead of that spot (down where the line turns upward toward the engine compartment) on our V8#1.  FLAPS sources usually also have the special hose clamps designed for use on HIGH PRESSURE fuel line.  Don't use any old fuel line or plain hose clamps.  I used a five-foot length of this same type of hose as the supply line on my 200q20v for a year before I finally got around to replacing it with steel.

RGuzz <rguzz at mindspring.com> wrote:  Near the fuel filter just south of the braided fuel line at the 
crimp...a little leak first thing in the morning. That should be the in 
line to the filter.
Can I cut this portion out and replace with rubber line? Any 
suggestions regarding a repair?

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