head gasket kit

Paul DAnneo padanneo at sbcglobal.net
Fri Nov 9 19:58:05 PST 2007

Just ordered all at SJM and with a t-belt, w/p and pully for less that quoted for the kit...
  My wrench is gonna love me..
  Thanks for all help,

rguzz at mindspring.com wrote:
  SJM will charge retail but he is incredibly knowledged about these cars and he will never send you the wrong part.
I do get tired of retail though so I factor that in when dealing with SJM. He can find anything Audi but at a price. Sounds like the head gasket kit can best be found elsewhere.

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>Good Morning,
> Got call from my wrench stating that the head gasket kit in onwards of $420.00.
> I'm finding on line +-$275.00? 
> I'm sure what he's getting is of the highest quality. 
> Although I'd like to save some if I can.
> Any recommendations?
> Thanks,
> Paul
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