Poor mileage/plugs indicate lean running/13-16MPG (avg

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I'm leery of his test conditions.

He's going UP I-70 outside of Denver (5,280 feet Alt) TOWARDS 9000'

He passing everything in sight in 4-5 gear at 1.9 bar, that's nearly WOT and surely he isn't going to get great mileage UP even with the great coast downhill.........
No telling how many miles his trip computer had logged, but to gain substantially better totals after the test run show amazing mileage gains from at least his downhill coasting.

A better test would be to take Phil's advice and go EAST on the nearly flat I-70, or go North into WY and take 80 West out of Cheyenne on the flat for a test run.

Skinny tires, inflated 35+, No A/C, no boomin stereo (power consumption) and average in both directions from a turn around point.

-Scott by BOSTON


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