Poor mileage/plugs indicate lean running/13-16MPG (avg

Eric Huppert ehuppert at hvc.rr.com
Sun Nov 11 05:08:22 PST 2007

Have to agree with the replies submitted so far. Uphill/downhill isn't a
viable way to check mileage!

IME my trip computer reads apx 1 mpg low as measured against ODO. I normally
can get anywhere from 25 to 28 mpg, (70-80 mph) depending on road conditions

Need to do a long trip and measure mpg with mileage vs. gals consumed as
determined with fill up at the end!

Also just changed my thermostat yesterday. It had recently started sticking
open (better than closed!) and of course it had stuck open at the beginning
of a 600 mile trip! But, didn't seem to really affect the mileage. Last one
I installed was a 80c. Put the 87c in this time. The 20v aux rads really
make a difference as compared to the 10V's. Lot less prone to running hot!


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