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Sun Nov 11 22:07:07 PST 2007

I agree with Tony.  I have a bad drivers seat heater and 
I have been told by a very reliable source that the repair is 
easy once you get the seat out. Getting that seat out is the 
hard part.  If your relays are clicking then your switches are 
good.  Remove the seat and you will see the element which is like a 
layer of cotton.  You have some bad wire connections that 
have over the years of flexing broken loose.  Just look for 
dark burned spots and you will find the breaks in the wiring.  Strip 
back the insulation and twist the wires back together.  Do not 
solder the connections.  Wrap them in a small amount of electrical 
tape and reassemble the seat.  Apparently the solder increases 
the resistance and causes problemns again.  I should have fixed 
mine during the summer but was too lazy to take the seat out.  
Now I'm cold.  BTW-If your switch lights are out look at SJM there is 
a very detailed repair method for this that takes about 20 min with 
parts from Radio Shack...You may already know this but I thought that 
I would mention it anyway.
Vest Regards, Dave    


The sport seats have much narrower heaters. The procedure isn't too
complicated. Basically, remove the seats, remove the backrest, then
take the covers off. To remove the backrest, you will pull the trim
off both sides, then you will see a clip that slides off. Once taken
apart, you will open a bunch of hog rings on the bottom of the seat.
For the backrest, there are four pointy triangles that need to be bent
upward, then pull the cover off each side. These are on the bottom of
the backrest, BTW. You will also need to remove the headrests and the
pegs that they go in. They will come out when you have access into the
back of the seat, with the rear cover removed.

Tony Hoffman

On Nov 11, 2007 5:13 PM, Eric Huppert <ehuppert at> wrote:
> Have read the dissection process for comfort seats, can anyone provide some
> detail on the sport seats?
> Also, is the heater element the same as the comforts? Have another set of
> seats I could pull the element out of if needed.
> Thanks, Eric
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