And another bites the dust

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Sat Nov 17 09:32:32 PST 2007

Sorry for your loss, Mike.

Is it an eBrake or a parking brake??

Both the Audi owners manual and Bentley refer to it as a parking brake.

I disagree, believing that it, the PB, should  never be used as the  
sole unattended parking restraint. Use the tranny!

Further, in slushy, freezing weather I have witnessed frozen brake  
cables not allowing PB release, with resultant smoking of the rear  
brakes. Maybe a slightly different scenario was the cause of your  
problem. Moisture in cables preventing the PB from being fully  
engaged, and your not noticing a lower than normal lever engagement  


On Nov 16, 2007, at 9:30 PM, Mike Miller wrote:

> Well, I hope I am the lone single member of the totaled 3 91 200q's  
> club.
> Appears my eBrake let go and my car rolled down the driveway into  
> my travel
> trailer (8k lbs) ($3k+ damage to the trailer) and moved it about 8  
> inches
> sideways. The rear bumper went under the trailer so the trunk and  
> rear 1/4
> panels took the damage.
> Eibach/bilsteins, Euros, Hoppen stage 1, 40k on new clutch,  
> radiator, rack,
> new slave/master cyls. Metal Dist gear. Less than 10k on new  
> brakes, heater
> blower motor, PS pump. New door locks and drivers side window reg/ 
> motor.
> 54.6 miles on new snows ( Michelin X-Ice) on stock wheels.
> Ins. Co. is offering $2350 for the car. Yeah, right!!!  It's going  
> to be
> another long battle to get a reasonable settlement!
> --mike
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