running rich- temp sender

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Mon Nov 19 13:17:18 PST 2007

Yeah I've been going thru Scotts stuff - its been _some_ help in that
its reminded to check a few things - like the temp sender - but nothing
I could find specifically targets my issue...



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this may be more helpful for troubleshooting:


At 01:50 PM 11/19/2007 -0700, Brandon Rogers wrote:
>so as I still try to figure why I always get a very rich exhaust smell 
>wafting into the cabin when I come to stop - I tested the temp sender 
>(white two pin back of head)- Bentley says resistance should be 
>1500-3000 Ohms when cold (68F).  Miine was 3500.  Anybody had a temp 
>sender go bad - what happened?  Anybody feel like getting crazy and 
>checking to see what value you get on yours? - check resistance across 
>the 2 pics when cold.
>any thoughts appreciated
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