Finished - AC Clutch Replacement - Any BTDT

Ben Swann benswann at
Tue Nov 20 08:41:54 PST 2007

Yeah - I figured as much.  I was trying to avoid breaking connections and losing the
R-12 (well I would attempt to do a transfer/recovery), but figured a clutch R/R was the
best most straight-forward way to accomplish the objective prior to taking the car on a
long trip.  I think the clutch failing and sticking on was forcing the compressor to
work over-time.

The comp in there is still pumping, but it appears the pressures have dropped and making
that racket that rears its head warning of the compressors demise.  At least I'll have a
new clutch assembly to salvage.


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Ben:      You can get a good rebuilt compressor, complete with clutch, on
Ebay for less than $150.00.

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