Euro Headlight Part still needed......

Henry A Harper III hah at
Tue Nov 20 19:32:45 PST 2007

If you look at the circuit diagrams in the Bentley, the front parking lights
do not go through the "lamp control unit, front" nor do the high beams or
turn signal flashers, only the low beams. If your autocheck is complaining
it's not because of the front parking lights.

Sorry I can't help on the city light bulb/holder, but with the recent
discussion of the headlight assemblies being NLA even in Europe I would say
things aren't looking so good. Still "using" mine, as soon as I replace that
pump->rack hose, and plastic-geared distributor, and old
accumulating but need motivation/time...

> Thank you to all those who gave me options for getting rid of the
> annoying "beep" and "bulb out" light on the autocheck display.
> However, I'd still like to get the bulb holder and bulb itself in
> the housing to just have proper parking lights on both sides, and
> also getting the autocheck to shut up in the process.  Any
> options out there for a bulb holder for a parking light in a euro
> headlight?  Anyone parting out a euro headlight?  It's the
> driver's side if that makes any difference.  Thanks a bunch......

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