Trying to get rid of my 91 200Q sedan, long story

Geoffrey Rosenberg qpower1 at
Mon Sep 10 20:54:39 EDT 2007


I am new to this group, but not new to Quattros. First I had a 1984 4000S Q,
new, which was a great car, lots of fun, trouble seemed to be with body
hardware integrity. Rode on rails.

Replaced that with a new 91 200 Quattro sedan, lago blue, 3B motor, one of
only 1600 odd built... I have been the one and only owner. I can still
remember the night we took it home.

I have all the doc's, the sales literature, the odds and ends, even the
"Don't think of parking anything but my Audi" sign for the wall of my

Trouble is, as the car was cresting 80K miles, the dash electronics started
to act up, the speedometer started to pulse about a 6-8 mile/hour swing.
There were some other minor issues, but ultimately, I was also driving
another company vehicle as well. I parked it outside and haven't driven it
for some 4 years now. So the battery is dead, the underhood has snake skin
moltings, and the roof has lost most of its clear coat and needs repainting.

But, the vehicle itself should still be a great driving car. There never was
any thing wrong with the engine, transmission, drivetrain, etc. The AC may
need work and the BOSE speakers need replacing, although I did do one rear.
I had the brake update package done into the 92 V8 system, external
calipers, dealer replaced the wheel bearing, rotor hub, rotor, calipers,
pads, and hoses, the whole thing was a kit (and I still have the Audi dealer
documents on it in the file). What an improvement that was - the clamshell
or UFO style brakes had warped when still only 5-6000 miles old. I have
replaced the brakes and certainly reshod the vehicle several times. Other
than maintenance, some CV boots, a rack and power steering pump done under
warranty, a few other odds and ends, no major issues though. I love the
vehicle, but...

I fell in love with another - a 2004 VW Touareg V6! Simply meets more of my
needs now. I can have only so many toys, you know?

Does anyone have any ideas for how or where to sell this baby, this special
automobile, rather than scrapping it out? My wife is giving me grief, as I
also have a 1986 Audi 5000S sedan in the driveway as well, also parked for 5
odd years without use. Great car, has 120K, nothing special wrong when it
was parked. Except for its age, here in New England... No body rot though!
Audi really knows how to manufacture body panels in steel.

Too much inventory? The military Dodge weapons carrier M37B1, 1961, has the
place of honor inside the garage. ..

Suggestions? Value assessments?

Help appreciated,

Natick, Ma.

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