200 20V Running issues/ Code

Tony Hoffman auditony at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 07:41:55 EDT 2007

Ok guys, I've run across a stumper.

I'm working on a friends 200 20V Avant. He bought it with a running
problem, namely whenever on boost it would start to miss/buck. He had
a friend of his pull the line off the wastegate, and it was "good" for
about a month. Now, it runs pretty poorly all the time, to the point
of dying on occasion.

So, I checked the cam timing, spot on. Checked for boost leaks, can't
find any. The code that comes up is 2224. Here is the description,
courtesy of SJM autotechnic:  "Maximum Charge Pressure Exceeded,
Intake air leak after turbocharger, ECU Vacuum/pressure line has leak
between intake manifold
Waste gate or pressure hose, Waste Gate Solenoid/hose problem, ECU
pressure sensor malfunction
Symptom: Misfire during wide open throttle, boost pressure too high"

The symptom is exactly what I'm experiencing. I pulled the line going
to the ECU, and I have good vacuum and boost present there. What are
the chances of the internal boost sensor in the ECU going bad? Anybody
have any other ideas?

Stumped in Oklahoma,
Tony Hoffman

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