MAC-14 Diagnostics

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Wed Sep 26 17:16:53 PDT 2007

 The earliest EU I could read was a 200 20V 3B.? AFAIK the MAc -14 is for a MC-2
BAck when Vag Com came out i asked if it could read a 1990 200 10V (Mac - 14) we never tested it.
VAg-Com site listed the 3B as the earliest to "work" a few years ago.? I don't know if that has changed.....


other searchs just brings up some of your posts :-)
-Scott by BOSTON
From: "Ben Swann" <>

I?m trying to run codes on my MAC-14 ECU which is currently setup to do only 
for my Megasquirt setup.  The wiring harness has been completely transplanted, 
and I
installed connectors for the ?dirty? OBD to connect to VAG-COM.  VAG-COM is not 
up on it.

Has anyone retrieved codes via VAG-COM for the MAC-14?

I will try connecting to flash the codes, but would be nice to use the OBD 
Anyone had much success flashing the codes using fuse and CEL?  I don?t have 
wiring with Fuel Pump Relay, but have wired according to Bentley.  Wondering if 
I am
missing anything for this.



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