latest installement on negative camber...

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THat was the problem I had when I did my improvements. THe PDF file does not come out correctly sized.
If you are still planning to do that mod let me I know and I will see if I can find the spacing info we wrote down for using the jig we made.
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>actually, here's my friend's words. any adivice would be greatly appreciated - unless you think he's on the money:
>Per Igor, we are looking to enable the top of the strut to sit 4mm further
>out than the factory setup allows.
>His Figure 2 doesn't work: the holes don't line up. He created the
>templates for a '97 S6. Plus he says on the diag. that the B1 holes should
>be offset by 4mm. i think he means the A1 holes.
>His other diagram is more on the money: the holes line up. Amended pic
>attached with my scrawling all over it, so best for you to call me once
>you've pulled it up, and I'll go through my findings.
>Bottom line he suggests moving the plate out 4 mm by redrilling holes. The
>plate is circular and bolts to the strut tower, vs. what he calls the mount
>(Upper Strut Mount) which is basically triangular in shape and bolts to the
>Can't be done the way he suggests: the plate is within 1 mm of the
>underside of the strut tower. Can be moved further out with 1/4" spacers
>over the plate studs, but that wouldn't leave enough stud to attach the
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