Eurolight Identification and source

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Thu Feb 7 16:39:55 PST 2008

You may indeed have different lamps, but they should look markeldy different from the front and back.  The Non turbo typ 44 Ecode only have 1 main beam bulb, H4, may have city light may not and will have amber corner marker.  IIRC its bulb mounts similarly to US spec lights.  
The typ 44 turbo ECode has 3 bulbs, H4 for hi beam AND low beam, H3 for Hi beam and 5 w city light.  It's H4  mounts with a twist ring, with city bulb a slip in near by both under one cover, while the H3 sits under the other cover.  These lamps can look very different in back depending on whether or not they are manually adjusatble or electrically, and how complete they are as to load adjusters and present or broken manual adjusters (which the electrical ones have as an override.
There are only 4 power leads, 1 for both hi beams, one for low, one for city and a common ground.  If your continuity testing to wire in your harness, make sure to do it with the bulbs out, wiht all bulbs in and a common ground, you won't know which connection is for which element.
I get my H4 80/100 from Napa for $11.  They tend to last about 2 years for me.
 Eurolight Identification and sourceBen Swann benswann at Thu Feb 7 14:34:28 PST 2008 
Well this is one area my experience is apparently lacking with these, but I got a quick
education thanks to all.  I looked at the lights and based on what I saw compared to the
various info. I have been presented the middle lights were H1, as I noted a single
connector without a pigtail.  It appears there are variations on the the 200 E-lights,
as one of my sets does not have this bulb but does use the same H4 bulb.  The other set
may in fact use the H3, but it is harder to remove for inspection.   I may actually have
3 different styles of E-lights although the pretty much look the same from the front
with variation on the cover plates and bulb wiring and placement.   I hope that I didn’t
order the wrong inner bulb, but I’ll know when I actually go to replace them. 
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