Stebro SS exhaust for 2C20v

db cornett dbcornett at
Tue Mar 11 13:26:15 PDT 2008

A friend and I installed the Stebro SS system on my '91 2C20v the other evening.  Just a few minor adjustments after we figured out how to proceed and the system install was a "bolt on".  It looks fine and sounds great.  I was concerned that it would be loud and it is not.  Actually it has just a minor exhaust boom at 2k erpm and that is it.  
  Along with the exhaust system install, we changed plugs, cap and rotor including giving the waste gate spring a "few rounds" and my 196k mile 2C20v (with MTM chip) is running great.  Actually it has never been quicker.
  Props to Stebro for a well made and easy to install cat back exhaust system.

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