clutch bearing going bad? how long do I have?

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Tue May 26 15:04:52 PDT 2009

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On my last trip to town yesterday, I noticed a vibration on the clutch pedal 
and an occasional whining noise that stopped when I pressed on the pedal.

>>  When my clutch throwout bearing went bad, it squealed when I pressed the 
>> pedal in..

Shifting was fine, no slipping, like usual. How long do I have until the 
bearing does any more damage?
>>  I added 1000 miles before I did the clutch job.....however you are 
>> taking a chance that you grind off your clutch fork if the braring ever 
>> seizes.

Clutch was replaced 80 000 miles ago or so. Should I simply replace the 
whole thing while having work done there?
>> which begs the question, was the throwout bearing also replaced at that 
>> time? those bearings go well over 100k, mine died at 220k. i may be 
>> something else

This is my dd and only vehicle, I probably won't be able to get a spot at my 
mechanics until next week, so looks like I will be biking...

Any ideas on other stuff that I could do in there apart from the main seal?
>> look over what was done the last time the clutch was replaced. If it does 
>> end up you're having to go in again....I would swap only the throwout 
>> bearing. The seal and clutch should still have 60-100k of life, unless 
>> you are an "all city" driver, do repeated high rpm launches (in which 
>> swap out the plates as well).


1991 200tqa 20v

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