[A4] Well, moving on...

michael pagano mvp12547 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 14 08:26:27 EDT 2004

I would agree Dan. I too have just moved on but in Derricks sense, I have moved down. The Avant 1.8T has been swapped out for an 00 1.8T GTI. I dont drive to "move up" but instead to enjoy what I want at a particular time. The 1.8 was the reason. Really liked it in the Avant, totally enamored with it in the GTI. Not as lux,not as beautifully finished as the Avant but quicker,more responsive and almost as practicle. besides, in 2-3 years the plan calls for the Avant to return in S4 form. Cant wait.In the meantime I still am hanging around the Audi sites to keep up on two of the greatest cars I have owned,my 2.8QM sedan and my 00 1.8TQM self sport Avant.

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