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Quincy Chiang b5quattro at shaw.ca
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I do agree with your accessment regarding Michelins and Goodyears in general.  For Michelins, it seems that half the money you paid goes towards their advertising, and I don't hear much praises for the garden variety all season tires.  I however have read many good things about their all out summer tires however, from the older MXX3, Pilot Sports to the new Pilot Sport 2.  I think these models have benefited from their F1 racing effort.

The same goes for Goodyear, their all-season tires suck, period.  I recall driving a Jetta with 17" Eagle RS-A (same size as the Pilot Sports and Bridgestone RE04 I had/have on my A4/S4), I thought they would be at least decent given the 225/45 construction, but was I wrong.  They howled while I was doing a gentle sweeping turn at moderate speed, where my car would have easily negotiated that same turn much much faster with a hitch, very unimpressed.

I respect your opinion and your much broader experiences with cars and tires than me.  And  I understand climate and driving conditions sometimes dictate the choice of all season tires.  In fact a buddy of mine called me last week after coming to the same conclusion that his rwd Nissan 240sx needs all seaons to replace this Khumo 712 summers next month (he runs Nokian Hakka Q for winters), as Calgary weather can be very unpredictable.  I suggested Continental ExtremeContact, an ultra high performance all-season tire, due to some good reviews and feedback I've heard. Does anyone have any experience with these tires?


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> Quincy,
> Thanks for the comments. I was not comparing the two tires as you 
> correctly stated they are in different leagues. I was expressing 
> an opinion based on personal use on a variety of cars over the 
> last 25 years. My feelings are never to purchase any Michelin tire 
> at any performance level. I have found them to be lacking in most 
> every aspect except wear when compared to all the 
> Dunlop,Bridgestone,Pirelli and Sumitomo tires I have experienced 
> on TR 3s, Austin Healeys, old Beetles, SAABs, Alfa Romeos, every 
> water cooled VW, A4QM sedan and A4QM Avant. As you correctly 
> pointed out, feel is subjective, and I feel Michelins and the 
> Goodyears the A4 sedan came with are the worst rubber I have had 
> personal experience with, again only my opinion. Due to the 
> variety of cars I currently own and the variety of use they 
> receive I tend to look for ultra high performance all season 
> tires. Definately a different breed from summer rubber. You can 
> have my 225 45 17 Pilots for next to nothing, fortunately
> I am at a station in life where I dont have to wait for them to 
> wear out.
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