[A4] estimates for control / ball joints

Joel Landsverk jlandsverk at jjkeller.com
Tue Apr 27 14:10:57 EDT 2004


I talked with ECS about this.  He said that the full kit, all hardware
included, is $599, same as you said.

I don't think I'm going to tackle this myself.  I've gotten in over my
head too many times. He also said it's a full day for his shop to
complete it.  So at $65/hr, that's about another $500.  Ouch.  But, he
says that should last a while, as these parts are getting better and
better all the time.

Joel L.

>>> "Richard Hurt" <rhurt at thepoint.net> 4/27/2004 12:19:36 PM >>>

I need to do this same operation on my '98Q and I found a pretty good 
deal at ECS (thanx to this list :).  They have a couple of packages 
(w/wo tie rod ends) for $529.95 & $599.95 that look pretty complete.  I

need to call them and ask if there is anything else that is required 
(seals, nuts & bolts, washers, tools, etc.) to do this job start to 
finish.  I don't want to have my front end apart and then realize that
need some extra dealer only part.  :/

Anyway, if anyone has any feedback on these kits, or tips on doing this

in your own garage, I would truly appreciate it.


BTW: Here's the links for those kits:

Meyle Upgraded OE Control Arm Kit W/Hardware

Meyle Upgraded OE Control Arm & Heavy Duty Tie Rod End Kit W/Hardware

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