[A4] Front ends

Brian J White brian at bjwhite.net
Thu Apr 29 02:49:49 EDT 2004

What did you spend $1100 on?   Have you ever looked up at the front 
suspension on the A4?
See all those ball joints?   There you go.  That's also why it drives so 
well.  The downside is longevity of those joints.

At 20:00 2004-04-28, ELLIEOLSEN at aol.com wrote:
>So why are the A4 front ends so weak and noisy?
>Just spent $1100 and the car sounds worse than an old HOO's bed :-( Ya 
>I'll buy another AUDI ???
>Clarkston MI
>95 S6 MTM
>91 200q20v avant
>96 A4 2.8q

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