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Hi all, I'm new to the list, but not to Audi.  I've got a 98 A4 1.8TQ and an
03 A6 Avant.  Before that I had an 86 4kq and subscribed to the Quattro
Anyway, I don't believe that AoA will pay you any more than you actually
paid for the repair, so unless you paid a dealer for the repair, the dealers
charge is irrelevent.
Oh, btw, I did work for an Audi dealer for 3 years.

> I guess should have been more specific..
> 	I had both of my control arms replaced at an independent repair
> shop. I believe it was $550.00 for the kit plus labor. (If I can read the
> bill correctly) What does a dealer charge for this job?
> Thanks,
> -Calvyn-
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> if you got it repaired at a dealer they should have records of doing the
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