[A4] Considering to buy A3, but how about the temperature?

Rocky Mullin caliban at sharon.net
Mon Dec 13 13:32:32 EST 2004

At 10:07 AM -0500 12/13/04, Richard Hurt wrote:
>At predefined temperatures, the Audi climate control system turns on
>either full heat or full A/C.  On my North American A4 I think these
>are around 60F & 80F; anything below 60F puts the system into full A/C
>and any setting above 80F turns on the heater full blast.  So, you
>might have triggered the full A/C.  I, personally, really love my
>climate control system and it seems to work very well.

	i actually don't like it.  the heater runs the engine as hard as
the AC does.  i prefer the old days of heating where a car seemed to not
struggle at all with heating, using the by product energy of the engine
that otherwise might have been wasted.

	also i think the audi climate controls have a pathetic human
interface design.  i've had the car four years now and i need to look
at the controls (eyes off the road) just about every time i operate

	the A3 is a fantastic car.  the TV show fifth gear couldn't heap
enough praise on the 1.4 diesel engine.

  Rocky Mullin 

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