[A4] Parking Brake

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Wed Dec 15 09:40:57 EST 2004

Mechanical parts are like muscles, if you don't use them you loose 
them.  I had the simmilar experience some time a go when I had a Mazda 
(what a piece of carp that was) automatic, never use the HB (hand brake) 
and it seezed.  Ever since that car I have only manuals and use HB on a 
daily basis and have had no problems.  Also I try to get my whife to use 
her HB on her car (auto) and so far no problem.

However as Richard pointed out, water could have frozen in the lines as 
the temp diped below 0c.

Richard Hurt wrote:

>If I were to guess I would say that there are broken seals on the
>handbrake cable/tube and water got in.  With the handbrake on and the
>temperature below freezing, the inevitable happened - ice.  This
>"problem" should cure itself if the car gets warm enough.  You should
>be able to replace/reseal those cables and all will be well.  At least
>that's how it was on my Corrado.
>Some questions (just curious): Do you use the handbrake regularly or
>just once in while?  Has it been raining/slushy?  I use my handbrake
>*every* time I park and have never had a problem with it.  I am
>curious to know if regular use prevents this problem by keeping
>everything loose and working (or I'm just lucky :).
>  Richard
>On Wed, 15 Dec 2004 04:11:23 -0800 (PST), Ken Witherell
><withrl at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>Anyone ever experienced a parking brake that will not
>>disengage completely?  I have a 2002 A4 1.8T with
>>80,000 miles.  This morning at 5:00am (-2.5C) the
>>parking brake would not fully disengage.  The hand
>>brake can be moved completely down and the brake light
>>will go off, but the brake is still on partially on.
>>The car will move with effort, but will still remain
>>in place on a hill without the foot pedal depressed.
>>The hand brake also has no tension on it from fully
>>depressed to about a 30 degree angle. You can apply
>>more tension to the parking brake and feel it engage
>>more tightly, but still does not fully release?  Left
>>it the driveway, probably will have to be towed to the
>>dealer for service again (tow #4, previous 3 for
>>ignition coils). - Thanks, Ken
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