[A4] Noob ?s about A4 2.8

Quincy Chiang b5quattro at shaw.ca
Fri Dec 24 21:11:22 EST 2004

While waiting to go the airport, why not kill some time by chimming in? ;-)

> Was considering the E36 BMW cars (budget price is up to about $15k 
> or so)
> but am a bit scared off by potential subframe/shockmount/engine mount
> problems and thought I'd think about the A4 2.8.  So, a few ?s if 
> you don't
> mind.
> 1)  Lots of torque steer with the FWD 2.8?  

Audi's B5 platform ('95-'01 A4) has something called vitual axis designed into the front suspension.  I forgot the details, but basically it gets rid of most of the torque steer.

> 2)  But, because of no AWD on the 2.8 FWD, is it appreciably 
> faster 0-60
> than the 2.8Q?

Probably faster by a few tenths.

> 3)  What is the real world time 0-60 of the 2.8Q?  I've seen a big
> disparity when I can find anything at all on the 'net.

I think the 2.8 quattro manual does it in around 7.3 seconds, don't quote me though, it's from a C&D back in '00.

> Now, I know that 0-60 is not the end all/be all of owning a car, 
> but just
> to establish some kind of benchmark/comparison between cars I'll be
> considering, which are:
> 1990-1996 Nissan 300ZX (Z32 chassis- but non turbo)

Great car back in its days, I still like the looks, but it's kinda dated now.  Btw, I find the long wheel base 2+2 version on the normally aspirated cars look funny, the short wheel base turbo versions look way better.  Because it's a sports/sporty car, it'd be hard to find one that's not been beaten.

> 1992-1997 Lexus SC 300 (only the ones with 5 speeds, probably too 
> "soft" a
> car)

Probably.  They're more luxurious than sporty, kinda big too.

> 1994-1998 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra (but not the '96 unless cooling 
> changes met)

I personally don't like the looks of them, plus I find the live axle rear suspension unacceptable for this day and age.  They are not know for their handling, just lots of grunt in the straight line, but I'm sure you know that already.

> 1997-2001 Honda Prelude type SH

I've driven one, what a great car to drive!  They styling is debatable, but I like it.  The 2.2 VTEC is so smooth and much torquier than the 1.8 in the Integras and the whole car just feels right.  In fact it as named the best handling car for under $30k USD by one car mag back in '99 (could be C&D, don't remember).  It should be reliable too being a Honda.

> 1999 Mazda Miata (not AE version, I can only count up to 5...)

Haven't driven one, but have never heard anything bad about it, expecially how it handles and brakes, except people wants more power.

> 1995 BMW M3 (if I can afford entry/maintenance costs)

I drove a '98 4-dr a few months ago, and I was still blown away on how nice the right the car feels.  The 3.2's only got 240hp, but it pulls inself very nicely.  I thought it would feel slow after my S4 (250hp and way more torque) but it wasn't.  However I find the interior looks and feels really dated.

> 1995+ BMW E36 coupes (but with Sport package)

After that M3, I don't think I can ever settle on just a 3-series!  On the maintenance side, I'd say both a 3 and M3 should be very similar.

> and maybe the (B5?) Audi A4 2.8 (either FWD or Quattro, depending 
> on your
> answers!)

Like a few have suggested already, you always want to get a quattro, it makes the car feel much more secure, dry and wet.  And if you drive in bad weather at all you'll very quickly learn to love it.  But why consider only the 2.8?  The 1.8t is nearly as powerful, and after a few basic mods it'll blow any 2.8's doors off easily (chip alone should get you from 150 to ~200 hp, and this engine is just so moddable!).  Also It's smaller, makes the car less nose heavy, which you will notice instantly if you drive a 1.8t and 2.8 back to back.

> Thanks very much, and Merry Christmas (Season's Greetings) to all,
> Tom Reynolds
> Sand Springs, OK

You too and good luck car shopping!


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