[A4] Turbo cool down time? (was Re: Noob ?s about A4 2.8)

Gordie's Garage audidoodie at comcast.net
Sat Dec 25 05:14:16 EST 2004

If you run your car hard, you'll want to cool it down for a few minutes.  If
you have been driving 'gently' then it's really not necessary.  But, more
importantly, use synthetic oil.  Within the last year Audi has recognized
the problem with dino oil and the turbo and has warranted all A4 1.8t
engines from 98 (or maybe 97) for a full 8 years and unlimited mileage due
to this.  Earlier this year AoA began using syn oil in all their 1.8t cars.
I got my A4 1.8t at 47k and immediately switched to syn oil and chipped it.
About 20k miles later the wastegate spring broke.  Audi certified warranty
paid for my new K04 turbo (well, they bought a K03, and I installed the K04
instead).  Now, with 97k miles I've had no probs at all.  I don't have a
turbo timer, and other than when I track it, I rarely let it cool down.  I
do stay 'out of the boost' for the last block or 2 before I park it.
And as everyone else has said, you really don't want a 2.8 and you do want a

Gordie Bird
'98 A4 1.8t
'03 A6 Avant

> Thanks to Brizax, Roger, Brian, and Nick (so far) for the helpful advice
> and constructive criticism, I appreciate all the feedback.  All of you
> recommended the 1.8 turbo over the 2.8, I believe, and I probably should
> have given this as a caveat, but I really don't want a turbo.  Unless...
> See, I had a new '85 Dodge Lancer ES 2.2 turbo 5 speed and no one told me,
> and I wasn't smart enough at the time (no internet, you know) to know that
> you have to let a turbo engine cool down after a "spirited" run - you just
> shouldn't shut it off, as it leads to coking and eventual failure, which
> the car experienced.  So, I really don't want to buy a used turbo unless:
> 1)  The modern (in this case the Audi 1.8 turbo) turbos don't _need_ to be
> run for a few minutes to "cool down."
> 2)  The car has had an aftermarket turbo timer (such as HKS) installed and
> used by the previous owner(s).
> So, what's the list's take on the proper method of turning off a 1.8turbo
> that's been driven, shall we say, enthusiastically?
> Thanks all,
> Best regards,
> Tom Reynolds
> Sand Springs, OK

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